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Need to deliver something quickly and efficiently?

It isn’t always easy to put your trust in others for this sort of requirement. Our possessions mean a lot to us and we want to keep them in one piece while they’re being transported from departure point to destination.

Presto Courses specialises in removals and has been providing delivery services in the Principality of Monaco for professionals and private individuals alike since 2001.


Delivering someone’s property from point A to point B requires real conscientiousness and professionalism. You need to know what you’re transporting, how fragile it is, and its physical characteristics (size and volume) in order to deliver it under the best possible conditions.
Making use of a delivery company can free up time in your personal agenda and you’ll have one less thing to do in your week.
Besides, you may not have the right equipment or vehicle to transport your package.
Presto Courses transports all types of merchandise, from office and hospital supplies to simple documents. The only condition is that the goods must not exceed 6 m3 or weigh more than 3.5 tonnes. Presto Courses also provides express service. Your goods can be delivered in half an hour or less, activity flow permitting. The transport company does its utmost to ensure quick deliveries and undertakes to comply with its delivery deadlines to the letter.


Weddings, baptisms and major receptions often require transport of perishable goods. For the last ten years now, Presto Courses’ vehicles have included a refrigerated lorry for transport of fresh products, so you needn’t worry about making the very best of what you’ve ordered. For further details, contact Presto Courses!